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At first everything went blank. Then he woke up with the face in a snow. He could remember he had been standing on the terrace of his house, now he was laying by the stairs with terrible headache. Something has happened. Maybe he was hit to the head by something or somebody? He could only remember that the lights nearby (some lightbulbs on the backyard and home illumination) had been gone.
Gabriel Davis looked to the sky, to his devices. They looked like been broken by some kind of lightening. However, the sky was clear, there were no signs of any storm clouds.
He also could remember the aurora borealis. Now it was brighter and it was moving to the south for some time, before it was completely hidden behind the trees of nearby forest.
- So strange. Gabriel mumbled. I bought this house in this province to have the aurora on my backyard. And now its going away so fast.
He wanted to go to the house, to take care of himself, but before that he had to look through the only one survived device to the sky. It was one of the most simple and cheapest telescopes, the only one from his collection without any electronic devices.
- Thats so strange - He mumbled again.
He needed to understand what has happened. He was going to surf the internet, but this wish was too optimistic. Nothing has been working in his family house, lights were off.
- I think we have a fire. His wife said. There was a flash, like an almost silent blow up. I can smell the smoke, I feel it. Can you? But I cant find the fire. Its like in our walls. Im so frightened. Nothing works, no TV, no Internet, no radio
- Interesting - Gabriel mumbled, looking on black spots on wallpapers. All the wiring is fried.
- Where have you been? Are you okay? You have bleeding from you hair or ear, I dont know, it is too dark here.
- Im okay. How how has it happened? It was the lightening? Or what?
- I dont know. I tried to call the fire service, but my mobile isnt working. Maybe try yours?
- Fascinating - He was looking at his device. The image on the screen faded to a faint and murky, the phone didnt worked, like it was broken. It smelled bad, like melted plastic. Some kind of electromagnetic event
- What?
- Like the lightening, but without the lightening.
- I dont know What we gonna do?
- We have a reserve power generator on the petrol in the basement. It should be working, I bet. But
Every Canadian family has some gasoline in a house, because almost everybody have a car. Gabriel thought some time about that. He was almost sure, that he heard something like an explosion from the side of the nearest neighbor house in the forest. If they have the same problems, like they have Things are more serious, that he could expect.
- We wont use the generator
- But we need the energy. Our products in the fridge
- We wont use before I understand the situation. It seems, that the wiring around the house is fired, like all our microelectronics. So we shouldnt turn on the generator in such a dangerous situation. We can burn a house and ourselves.
- Wow, wow, wait a minute. Our TV is completely dead? Our telephones? Our computers? Oh my god, you telescopes, your Oh my god Our
They went to the garage. The car was surrounded by the light smoke. There was no fire and visible problems. Gabriel pressed the alarm button on the fob nothing happened. The doors stayed closed.
- You stay here. I will go to the city. You should stay here, searching for fire and and protecting a house.
- Wait what? You think, that all other houses
Gabriel got his skis and was ready to go out.
- Stop, Gabriel! Wait!
- I need to understand the whole situation.
- Really? Are you going to the work? Its Saturday! You promised. How am I suppose to
- Im sorry. No Saturdays Night today, my dear.

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