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Everybody on the plane was scared like never before. All lights were off, but most important – it started complete silence of jet engines and ventilation system. Nothing was working on this plane, they were soaring high like birds. Except, of course, it was only one bird. Too huge, too fat, too heavy for safe soaring.
Firstly people don’t cry too much, they were confused or shocked. Then the plane started its falling, and the wind howled too loud. The atmosphere strived to strip the aircraft covering like it was a meteorite.
The pilots were running like mad across the plane salon, despite the fact, that it was almost impossible to stand on legs – everything was shaking violently. People started to puke, to loose their consciousness. Some of them have been dying one after another because of unknown reason, some of them were crying grabbing their heads like because of terrible headache.
Emily Robinson was stunned with shock, clearly looking around herself, watching how people suffer. She felt almost nothing. She was too shocked. She was a great doctor, but she understood, that it is impossible to help all this people in such conditions. She remembered something from other science: maybe everything happened because of some kind of cosmic radiation, usual problems for people, who fly a lot, for pilots and air hostesses, but before that day Emily thought, that the biggest problem of them – is increased possibility of getting cancer.
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