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Mark Robinson had been talking with colleagues from the other pole few hours before the Event has happened. The conversation was held through satellites, mostly CubeSats, and it was quite uneasy and unusual, because Mark Robinson was on the Geographical South Pole, working at IceCube, and his conversation partners were almost on the Geographical North Pole.
When the Event started, all screens of appliances covered with some static noise, got interference. However guys from poles still could see and hear each other.
- What is going on? Mark asked. His team gathered near him, trying to solve the problem with connection.
- We dont know. Some troubles with satellites or something. We were expecting that, yeah?
- It should be good, they are on good positions Some software glitch maybe
The northern people had much bigger problems with their systems. In a few seconds they couldnt see and hear the southern team. Some of their devices gone, even started smoking.
- Now it is late summer, right - Mark was thinking aloud.
- Thanks, Google.
- I mean, they have more problems than we have We are on the south of the globe And it is more hidden from the Sun, right? Earth is tilted right now They are closer to the magnetic pole, than we are.
The colleagues from North started suffering from pain. One of them was coughing. Another one looked at his naked arms. The white skin was being covered by small red dots. He looked very frightened, sitting exactly in front of the webcam.
- Whats the hell? Mark shouted.
- Is it a virus?
- I think it is a radiation
- What do you mean? On the north pole?! Radiation?
In support of this the northern team activated a Geiger counters. It popped and clicked too often.
- Oh my god! Particles! Too heavy rain! Whats they gonna do?
- Guys! Guys! Sorry, but our neutrino detector spotted something Oh, and again Look at
Then all computers of Marks team turned off. Some of that started smoking.
- We have emergency situation! Go fast for extinguisher!
But Mark was so shocked, so paralyzed. He was thinking about his sister Emily Robinson.
She is on plane right now! This magnetic event no way! She couldnt be No, no, no
He cried:
- Give me a phone. I need to call my family. Give it to me. Now.
He took satellite phone and went outside. His colleagues were fighting with a little but very smoky fire.
He almost forgot, where he is situated. He dressed as fast as he could.
Then went outdoors to the most frosty weather on the planet.
He raised the phone, trying to set good connection. It was still working, the small lamps were working.
Unfortunately , apart from the wind howling, he could hear scary creaking from the phone. It was some unusual very loud static noise. Rather melodical, with many repeatings, like some clever signal
Then the phone broke too and started smoking.
- Emily, please! Mark cried. Please be on ground, please be on ground, please

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