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The aurora borealis was seen even at the equator, even during the day. Both of these polar lights. From space it looked like two red rings around Earth near its middle.
Astronauts on International Space Station couldnt watch this too long, even though the station had lost all power and they were very interested in what had happened and what was going on there, on Earth. The glasses of illuminators were rapidly covering by frost flowers, the temperature was falling.
- The magnetic storm has broken all our equipment, all circuits are burnt out! The mission commander Vasquez talked to the radioset. I repeat, all systems gone! The geomagnetic storm, which is happening right now on Earth also
To kick away some darkness without any wood and matches aboard people had to use some emergence glow sticks, but mostly improvised chemical glims with liquid or gas material.
For more tricky electronic devices, as radio, repairing tools and life-support system (oxygen-generator and heating in priority only for now; water and most of computers are not so important), the crew of scientists was forced to assemble the Faraday disk on the base of exercycle. Now the system worked only during exercising on this training. People worked there on shifts. Some of them were in critical condition because of the raised radiation, two guys even fainted for hours.
- How is it possible! We should be screened against this shit! Everything should be! One of the cosmonauts psyched. I promised my girls to return home safely! Is it attack from another satellite or what?
- Stop panicking. Vasquez said quietly.
But the member of the crew had reasons to be angry.
- I can guarantee that the Sun was calm and serene with one of the lowest activities. It couldnt be because of Sun. Dont blame me, I do my job as nobody does! I couldnt make such a mistake, I couldnt miss the ejection on the Sun last days and today!
- We cant check it without working computers and without connection to Earth. Just calm down. We need to focus, to buy some time. When the storm stops, we will repair all systems
The astronauts started talk over each other.
- If! If the storm stops
- We lost all circuits, transistors
- We cant repair most of the systems. We need evacuation
- We cant fly away from here without electricity! We need help from Earth, a rescue ship!
- Nobody will come. Onboard engineer Losev said, looking through the little simple telescope in direction of Earth. - They have more important doings right now.
- What kind of doings?
- Surviving, I suppose. Maybe a new world war. I counted many explosions on the surface. Even in the centre of Paris right now.
- Nuclear bombs? Vasquez asked.
- Im not sure. Not so big maybe. Just regular bombs.
- Its not bombs! - Vasquez cried after looking on Earth. This is oh, dearthis is aircraft
- Oh my god, all planes are falling! Oh my god!

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