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All the power is gone Endrik said. Generator, all electronic devices blackout
We know. And the whales lost their way because of that. Poor creatures!
All circuits burnt out. One of the green ones added.
How how are you Endrik coughed blood. The surgeon told him not to talk and have a rest. There were only few doctors aboard, most of them veterinary.
How we restored electricity? The captain asked. You wont believe us. And we even have no right to say you, ha-ha.
Nevertheless one of the youngest sailors answered with a smile.
We had to repair old reserve diesel-driven generator Now you can see a smoke from that funnel. So ecofriendly! Now we should kill you, all the eyewitnesses. Nobody should know our dirty secret
There are almost no complex devices, nothing important was ruined. So it was easy to fix. The captain added. We had no choice. We hope we wont pollute nature too much. Okay, enough talking, help the other one, he is drowning! Fast!
Only five of twelve crew members were saved after the shipwreck. Endrik felt too much physical pain to think about the others, he suffered too much. Everything he wanted was to survive this night. Only one night. Any night. Maybe this one. Of course, this one. Definitely it is.
The surgeon shook his head, looking at the Endrik and then into his captains eyes.
Seriously wounded. Internal injuries. Bleeding in lungs. I pumped morphine. First aid kit cant help more.
The help should come soon. We called it in the beginning of the storm, when the radio was still working.
If their machines are still working after that event.
Maybe it was only our local problem with this very electromagnetic thunderstorm
No sooner had the emergency helicopter arrived after two hours of waiting with no radio, two of five sailors were dead. Endrik was still alive, but in a very bad condition. The other two guys surprisingly were in good health, just shocked and frostbitten a bit.
The transportation of the captain without a ship has begun. With more serious drugs in blood he lost his consciousness more often.
Last thing he saw this day was the aurora borealis above angel-white clouds. The impressive banner of the north was very bright, its color was bloody red.
Endrik remembered that such color defined high attitude. And it might have been because of hydrogen or something. Endrik wasnt sure.
That was his last thought.