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One of pillars was broken; its components of steel and wood were hanging on the ropes and cables and were dancing in the air dangerously close to the people. The strongest guys tried to help the others or at least to find a shelter, asylum harbour. Some of them were shouting from below, from basement, there was too much destruction – even ladders. Again and again something enormously heavy was striking to the hull, mostly to the front place called between wind and water. The captain had few seconds in sum to look around, to see large waves, to hear splashes and moans of whales. He saw how boatswain caught a bitter end of the rope, trying to stop one pillar’s fragment, but he was captured by big amount of water, reached till the bridge, and was thrown to the open sea. The captain tried to shout: “Man overboard!” He couldn’t hear even himself, so loudly circumstances were. He only felt the blood in his mouth and growing up pain.
One of the sperm whales jumped aboard, crushing sheers, harpoon gun, radar tower and other important things. He was moving angrily, in agony of surviving, hitting closest two sailors, the head of one of them met a hook for a whale. The captain saw something like this on some desert stony beaches, where some whales and dolphins sometimes were also mistakenly brought by magnetic anomalies or something else. “At least we caught one” He thought with a smile of a dying man. However this was a high ground, it was easier to return in water, so this whale finally did it, leaving only few streams of its own blood.
The freezer trawler was drowning rapidly. The shouting from the basement cut off. Even having much experience and expecting the problem, the captain was shocked, when ice water took him away. He almost couldn’t move, some bones were broken, especially feathers felt very hurt. Nevertheless he managed to seize one empty closed box for crabs or little fish.
The rest of the crew also tried to save themselves, even not helping each other, because the water was too cool, nobody could think about anything else, except their own lives. They dabbled helpless like little kids close aboard, until the ship has disappeared, going to the ground. One guy was trapped in a fishing net, so he's gone too. They were looking for the life-boat, because there was only one. The captain was pretty sure that it was destroyed by that whale or it was just tightened to the ship. Nobody had time to prepare it for clearance.
At the same time storm didn’t stop, it was continuing. And not all the whales left the place of shipwreck. At least one of them was badly injured, others tried somehow to help their relative or friend. One or two of sailors died only because of that.
Everything of this happened almost in full darkness. Only sometimes the surface of water was highlighted by electrical charges in clouds.
Preparing to the death Endrik tried to remember some prayers, but it was too difficult to remember something more that the God’s name, he was too shocked, too tired and too painful.
Suddenly the environment was cleared from darkness by powerful flashlights. The Green Ones came for help on their funny little ship.
Their captain gave a hand to Endrik, smiling:
“Fortunately… or unfortunately… we are saving all kinds of animals.”
One of his guys didn’t agree:
“We save all living species, except some viruses and parasites. And these poachers are kinda parasites, am I wrong?”
“We did nothing…” Endrik made time to say it with chattering of teeth.
The captain of Green Ones laughed.
“We still have some debatable questions in science. What should we consider as useful organics and what is not… Right now we have too much tolerance in this. Ok, help the others.”

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