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А что вы можете сказать об этих мангах? Интересно или не очень?


Long ago, a group of friends banded together -- and now the whole gang has been reincarnated in the present day. Each has a reminder of the past: a butterfly-shaped birthmark on their thumbs. When the marks touch, they catch a glimpse of their shared past, though what they see doesn't always match. Tsubame insists that he and Kanoko are fated to be together. By the time Kanoko finds out it's not true, it's too late: she's already fallen for him. In Oyayubihime Infinity, the "butterfly" friends must reconcile their ties to the past with their present desire for fun and romance!

TENJHO TENGE (by Oh! great )

The action never lets up at the world's most outrageous and dangerous high school! To ensure that Shin's tragic fate doesn't repeat itself, Mitsuomi and Maya put aside their differences and go in hot pursuit of Aya, who's stolen the mystical sword Reiki. Later, they make a pact to resolve those differences -- through a fight to the finish at the upcoming Imperial Martial Arts Tournament. In order to get Soichiro ready for the competition, Maya sends him to train with two very special coaches, who promise to unlock the unfulfilled potential of his Magabarai blood, or kill him in the attempt!


Kanade and friends come back from their eventful trip, but the life lessons that began on the road continue after they return home. Eri has calmly accepted the news of her best friend Kanade's ability to see into the future. Her response is very different, however, when she learns just what Arou can do. But Arou has his own problems. His uncle is determined to see him uncover the truth about his own late mother's past. And when a crime wave hits the school, one of the "sighted" kids is implicated.

SEIMADEN (by You Higuri)

Danger and suspense escalate in this dark fantasy epic of a love that lasts beyond the grave! Castle Berk, along with everyone inside, is about to be pulled into a far-off dimension from which not even a demon can escape. Laures must make a dramatic rescue, or lose Hilda for all eternity.

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