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Каламита мы убиваем в прошлом. Все действие длц - это прошлое, когда даркрут еще был солнечным, a Сиф - малышом.
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Snatched by a shadowy limb, and dragged off to the past?
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И конечно мучает мотивация Солера - зачем он замочил Анастасию?
Лаутрека. Он просто психопат и играет схожую с Юртом из Демона роль. Только второй был несколько более хардкорен, он вообще может убить тучу народа.
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Oi, have you met Lautrec the Embraced?
Believe me on this one, bruv/my love…He's completely mad.
He wouldn't think twice about cutting somebody down.
So watch out for him, especially if you've humanity to spare.

If there's one "concession" to make the game easier, it's his increased "flexibility" in the amount of items he gives players. Whereas you could only hold two items in each hand in the previous game, you'll be able to hold three items in the sequel. But it's "still being discussed and thought about," Tanimura advised.

What can change the gender of a man?

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