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Старый 14.02.2006, 16:00
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MOON CHILD (by Reiko Shimizu)

The mystery heats up as Jimmy learns his secret destiny! The mer-people know that Earth's only hope is for the daughter of the original "Little Mermaid" to fall in love with Shonach and bear his eggs. What they don't all believe is that Jimmy, a 12-year-old amnesiac, is that girl. After all, Shonach was the only witness to Jimmy's startling transformation into the girl of his dreams, and he's decided to let the boy make his own choices. But not everyone is willing to take that chance...because if Jimmy picks his human best friend Art, the world is doomed!

MONSTER COLLECTION: THE GIRL WHO CAN DEAL WITH MAGIC MONSTERS (by Sei Itoh, original concept by Hitoshi Yasuda/Group SNE)

Trapped in the ethereal plane of the Encyclopedia Verum's memory, summoner Kasche Arbadel fights the toughest battle of her life. Unable to summon her usual monster allies, she has made a pact with a Curse Elemental, a spirit demon of pure evil. To stop Lord Duran, Kasche must embrace the darkness...but will she sacrifice her own soul in the process? She started this quest as a mere student. To complete it, Kasche will need to become a legend.

PIECES OF A SPIRAL (by Kaimu Tachibana)

Possessed by Bishu's mother, Wakyo has delivered a near fatal blow to Sakuya. If his friend dies, will Wakyo be able to live with the consequences of his actions? And why would Bishu's mother want to kill her own son? Only his demon father Garai knows the answer.

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