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Live fast, die young
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Shara was already an avid reader by then, but she had never realized until that moment what books meant, the possibility they presented: you could protect them forever, store them up like engineers store water, endless resources of time and knowledge snared in ink, tied down to paper, layered on shelves.... Moments made physical, untouchable, perfect, like preserving a dead hornet in crystal, one drop of venom forever hanging from its stinger.
She felt overwhelmed. It was--she briefly thinks of herself and Vo, reading together in the library--a lot like being in love for the first time. © "Город лестниц" Роберт Бэннет

Крылья легенды хрупкие, словно весенний лёд
Слово недоброе - камень, песня, сбитая влёт
Я не пророк, не певец, я странник, идущий через века
Душу растерзанной сказки грею в слабых руках (c)
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